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Many of our promising customers want to enjoy the citizenship benefits but they still need some time to be eligible for the required criteria and investment amount. Our residency program is designed for small investors that will support you to get most benefits of citizen, in as small investment depending upon the host country’s requirements and rules.

If you are not eligible for citizenship program , don’t worry as we have residency option as well, where you can invest as small amount as $ 50,000 in real estate project and get Renewable Turkish Residence card on a minimal fee while earn ROI on your property.

About Turkey and its Real Estate Market:

Eternally twisting and historical land of Turkey has always been the point of attention of investors throughout the globe. Recently, at the G20 meeting held in Japan, Murat Kurum, Turkish minister of environment and urbanization has encouraged foreign investors to put their funds in rapidly expanding Turkish Economy.

“We call on foreign investors to make investments in our growing country, which is profitable in terms of investment opportunity,” He said.

What persuades any investor or company to make investment in particular country? Well, in simple terms, four things that distinguishes countries from each other are people, environment, relationships and teachings. However, things work different way when we guess how investment friendly any country is. According to report by World Bank, four distinct factors play the key role here. Natural resources, markets, efficiency and strategic assets such as technologies or brands.

Turkey is the third largest textile exporter in world after Germany and Italy. Turkey also is one of the world’s biggest producers of agricultural products, chemicals, motor vehicles, ships, food, construction materials, consumer electronics and home appliances.

This historical junction of east and west has exuberant cultural heritage and vibrant social life. No doubt, it harbors promising future when it comes to investment.

Benefits of Turkish Passport:

  • Turkish passport is obtained with solid investment, which means your investment will be kept by you as your asset, you can get a decent percentage of ROI simultaneously with citizenship.
  • Dual citizenship allowed
  • Ten-year validity of Passport
  • Visa free travel to 111 countries
  • No language compulsory
  • No minimum residency required
  • No requirement to show source of income
  • Free education for your children
  • Free medical facilities
  • One of the best climates in the world throughout the year

Process Of Getting Passport

All Applicants have to mention in application for acquisition, that they purchased the real estate for purpose of getting citizenship, and the By must declare that this property will n. be transferred for the period of three years.

We explain the process of acquiring passport/citizenship in steps to understand easily:

  • Information Exchange between AL ZAD Consultant and Customer
  • Relevant Documents will be received from customer.
  • Property viewings while on Visit/tourist visa.
  • Property selection among the projects available.
  • Signing of contracts, Payments transfer to Seller and relevant authorities.
  • Title deed collection from land registry directorate.
  • Application submission for Residency Permit and Citizenship
  • Meeting/interview of applicant with Government authority
  • Receive Citizenship approval
  • Receive Passport in their home country

Taxes & Other Expenses

  • Annual Property Tax: 0.1 % – 0.6 %
  • Title Deed Fee: 3%
  • VAT: 1%
  • Floating capital Fee: 200 TRY
  • Notary Fee: 300-400 $
  • Annual Income Tax: 15% on your RENTAL INCOME
  • Administrative Fee: 200-300 $

Documents Required To Apply Citizenship Program.

  • Application Form
  • Property valuation Certificate
  • Title deed of owned property
  • Bank Receipt of $250,000 or above
  • Tax Payment Receipt
  • Valid Passport
  • Tourist visa pasted on your passport
  • Passport copies and passport size pictures of all eligible family members
  • Birth certificates of children eligible for program. (Attested by the ministry of foreign affairs)
  • Marriage certificate. (Attested by the ministry of foreign affairs)


Turkey Property Investment Visa


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