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This Blog is designed to give you an insight into all things Turkish ,including tips and life in Turkey,Turkish culture,Economic & political matters and how to get the Best out of your home and investment showcasing many case studies of those who invested and or moved to Turkey and integrated into the life style,This blog is your informative guide for all you need to know about making the big move overseas to Turkey. Focusing on the main hotspots of Bodrum, Antalya, Fethiye, Kalkan, Istanbul, Kas, Side, and more – you can expect us to blog weekly about the latest trends, case studies and news coming out of the top cities in Turkey. Also expect several investment tips and hot tips for real estate and properties that are hot and ready to sell now.


Superb climate: – Some cities in Turkey offer more than 300 days of sunny weather year-round. Buying a property in Bodrum to meet citizenship requirements also provides a wonderful lifestyle for those seeking glitz and glamour.

Between East and West: – Turkey is the bridge between the East and West, and as such, offers unparalleled business opportunities and travel opportunities. Buying a property in Istanbul is your entrance into Turkey’s metropolis gateway.

Safe for the family: – Turks are very hospitable and welcoming to foreigners and ex-pats alike. Those who live in Turkey can do so in a safe and happy environment with some of the best international schools and facilities available.

Turkish food: – Turkish food is some of the best around the world. Known for its flavors and delights, Turkish cuisine will have you coming back to Turkey time and time again to sample a kebab or indulge in fresh vegetables and colorful food.

Turkish healthcare: – Offering affordable and excellent healthcare services, Turkey is fast rising as one of the worlds leading destinations for healthcare and private medical tourism with 5-star hospitals throughout the country.

Regional powerhouse: – Turkey is at the front of developed countries in the region. As a EU Candidate Country and G20, NATO Member, things are only looking positive for Turkey going forward


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