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How to get Turkish citizenship???

In September 2018 Turkey announced changes to their Turkish Citizenship by Investment program allowing new buyers to acquire citizenship from spending as little as 250,000USD – making it one of the most affordable and attractive citizenship by investment initiatives in the world. Since then, thousands of new buyers have applied for and successfully obtained Turkish Citizenship through investment in real estate in Turkey


Citizenship for spouse and children: – Spouse of the applicant, as well as any children who are under the age of 18 will also be granted Turkish Citizenship under the scheme. Any children born after will be granted citizenship.

Dual Citizenship: – Turkey allows Dual Citizenships, meaning that you can keep your current citizenships without having to give anything up in order to apply.

Visa-free travel: – Those who hold an ordinary Turkish Passport can travel to 104 countries without a visa or receive a visa upon arrival. This ranks a Turkish Passport in the top 30 most powerful passports in the world. A Turkish Passport is renewable every 10 years.

You can work in Turkey: – Those with citizenship are free to work in Turkey. Previously, a work permit would be needed. Citizenship makes it easier to work in a country that is the gateway between Europe and the Middle East.

Healthcare, insurance, and bureaucratic ease: – With citizenship you will have access to cheaper healthcare options and insurance policies in Turkey. You will also be able to vote in national elections. You will also have access to a state pension and can apply for Turkish loans.

No minimum residency required: – Citizenship means that you can come and go from Turkey as you wish without losing your citizenship. You do not have to live in Turkey once you have obtained your citizenship.

How to get Turkish Citizenship by investment in property?

Step 1 – Get a Turkish Tax Registration Number: You can receive a Tax Registration Number at any tax office in Turkey using your original passport and photos are required.

Step 2 – Open a bank account in Turkey: Passport and Tax Registration Number are required to open a bank account in Turkey. You will also need an official document such as a utility bill showing current address.

Step 3 – Find a property worth at least 250,000USD: The property must be worth at least 250,000USD and can be either a single home or multiple units such as those investing in

apartments in Turkey . The residence must be close to being completed or already completed with a Habitation Licence granted and Title Deed or Construction Servitude ready. It must be suitable for an Official Valuation.

Step 4 – Buy the property in Turkey: Property has to be purchased using a Bank Transfer with document and transaction by receipt. The Title Deed Registry or Notarised Sales Contract has to be annotated to state that the home won’t be sold within the next three years. After three years is up, you can sell all your investments in Turkey and keep the citizenship.

Step 5 – Obtain a Certificate of Conformity: This is done by providing the Official Valuation Survey and submitting the receipt of the Bank Transfer to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation.

Step 6 – Apply for Turkish Residency: Apply for Turkish Residency at the Directorate General of Migration Management after gathering all the required documents needed.

Step 7 – Apply for Turkish Citizenship by Investment: Now you can apply for Turkish Citizenship at the Directorate General of Migration Management after receiving your Turkish Residency and gathering all the necessary documents to do so. You now have Turkish Citizenship. 

Documents needed for Turkish Citizenship?

– Copy of birth Certificate

– Certificate of Residence

– Records to show all family members – husband, wife, children

– If the applicant is widowed then a death certificate is needed

– Evidence of health insurance

– 12 Biometric photos with a white background

– Original passport

– Power of Attorney granted

– Notarised Turkish translations of all documents

– All application forms filled in

Other ways to receive Turkish Citizenship by Investing?

1 – Provide employment for at least 50 people in Turkey

2 – Fixed Capital Investment of at least 500,000USD

3 – Purchase State Dept Instruments worth 500,000USD

4 – Deposit at least 500,000USD into a Turkish Bank

5 – Venture Capital Investment Fund worth 500,000USD

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Please note that all of these options listed above cost more than double the price of acquiring citizenship by investing in real estate.

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