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Contents Insurance: Protect your belongings with our contents insurance coverage. Whether it’s your TV, valuable items, appliances, jewelry, or other movable possessions, our policy ensures that your personal property is safeguarded. If you’re already covered, don’t forget to inform your insurance provider about your change of address when you move. This insurance is essential for both homeowners and tenants, providing peace of mind and financial security.

Glass Insurance: While windows are typically insured by the landlord against damages caused by storms or fire, tenants may be held responsible for damage directly caused to windows. It’s advisable to review your rental contract to determine if you need to arrange separate glass insurance. Fortunately, you can easily add glass insurance to your contents insurance policy for a minimal additional cost per month, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your rental property.

Liability Insurance: Personal liability insurance is a must-have for every individual in the Netherlands, offering protection against personal liability claims. Whether you accidentally damage property in a store, your child breaks a window with a soccer ball, or scratches a car with their bike, you could be held financially responsible for the damages. Our liability insurance provides coverage for you and your family, offering peace of mind at an affordable price. Secure comprehensive protection through your bank today.

Home Structural Insurance: Ensure the protection of your property with our home structural insurance, a necessity for property owners, especially those with mortgages. This insurance covers essential structural elements of your home, including windows, underground plumbing, and the roof. It’s crucial to verify that your policy includes these components. Speak with your financial advisor or bank representative to set up comprehensive coverage tailored to your needs.

Contents Insurance: Safeguard your personal belongings with our contents insurance policy, which covers items such as TVs, valuables, appliances, and jewelry. Whether you’re a homeowner or a tenant, it’s essential to have coverage for your movable possessions. If you’ve recently moved, don’t forget to inform your insurance provider to ensure continuous protection for your belongings.

Liability Insurance: Protect yourself and your family with personal indemnity insurance, a vital investment for every individual in the Netherlands. This insurance covers you in the event of accidental damages for which you may be held financially responsible. From incidents in stores to accidental property damage, our liability insurance provides peace of mind at an affordable price. Secure comprehensive protection for your entire family through your bank today.

Legal Aid Insurance: Consider legal aid insurance, also known as rechtbijstandverzekering, for additional peace of mind. While not as crucial as the above insurances, legal aid insurance can be valuable in covering legal expenses, especially given the high cost of legal services. As a property owner, it’s wise to explore this option to ensure you’re prepared for any legal challenges that may arise.

  • Offer-by-Deadline Process (Inschrijven):

    • Common method of selling homes in the Netherlands.
    • Seller sets a deadline for receiving offers from potential buyers.
    • Creates urgency for buyers to submit their best bids.
    • Sellers review all offers received and choose the one that best meets their needs.
  • Benefits and Considerations:

    • Buyers motivated to present strongest offer upfront.
    • Sellers have opportunity to evaluate multiple offers.
    • Highest bid doesn’t guarantee success; sellers may prioritize favorable terms.
    • Preparation is key for both buyers and sellers.
  • Preparation Steps:

    • Collaborate with a knowledgeable real estate agent.
    • Research local market and determine appropriate offer price.
    • Carefully review and consider offer terms and conditions.
    • Tailor offer to specific property and market dynamics.
  • Seek Expert Guidance:

    • Engage a skilled buying agent for invaluable insight and assistance.
    • Each home and offer is unique; expert advice ensures competitiveness.
    • Thorough research and guidance essential for navigating process successfully.
  1. Market Knowledge: A certified agent understands market trends, property values, and legal regulations, empowering you to make informed decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

  2. Local Connections: With strong ties to local professionals, including real estate agents and lawyers, your agent can facilitate a seamless transaction.

  3. Negotiation Skills: Your agent’s negotiation prowess ensures you secure the best deal, from purchase price to sale terms, maximizing your investment.

  4. Legal Expertise: Deep familiarity with Dutch property laws safeguards your transaction, preventing potential legal complications and ensuring ethical practices.

  5. Peace of Mind: Working with a qualified agent provides assurance that your investment is in capable hands, fostering confidence in your property ownership goals.

In essence, partnering with a certified buying agent versed in the local market is paramount for safeguarding your investment and realizing your property ownership aspirations in the Netherlands.

Absolutely! We handle the viewings on your behalf and offer virtual walk-throughs of the properties.

Please note: Some real estate agencies may mandate that prospective tenants are physically present in the country (with a BSN) and attend viewings in person.

  • Werkgeversverklaring: You can request this from your HR department.
  • 3 months’ salary slips.
  • 3 months’ bank statements.
  • If currently renting, a reference from your landlord; if you own your house, a reference letter from neighbors can be helpful.
  • Copies of your passport.
  • Letter of Introduction: A brief one-page introduction about yourself, including who you are, what you do, your hobbies, why you’re moving to the Netherlands, and why you’ll be the best tenant.
  • Photo of yourself, your family, and pets (if applicable).
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