Benefits Of Having A Property Manager

As one of the top property management companies in Dubai, Alzad does so much more than just tenant management. Alzad property management is equipped with the know-how to assist clients in selecting real estate that suits their investment needs and ROI goals.


Prequalifying Tenants

  • Verification of passport and residency status
  • Verification of employment, funds and banking
  • Processing of tenant documentation
  • Deposit collection
  • Validation of Ejari

Managing Tenants

  • Leave your tenant and property management in good hands no matter where you are.
  • Our team communicates with tenants regarding their concerns.
  • Handles accounting and sends updates on new regulations periodically.

Property Snagging

  • Property snagging service for new property owners guarantees you get what you paid for.
  • Binayah Snagging Service includes:
Wall + Ceiling Finishes Steps + Stairs
Sockets + Fixtures Plumbing
Walkways + Lawns + Garage AC Units + Fan Coil
Windows + Doors + Seals Surface Drainage
Facade Finish Water Heater
  • Our property snagging service is available for commercial and residential spaces for as little as AED 1.50 per sq. /ft.

*Terms and Conditions Apply*

Maintenance Repairs

  • We will coordinate maintenance requests directly with your tenant(s).
  • Preventative maintenance is planned regularly.
  • Our 24/7 licensed maintenance provider is ready for any service requests – routine checkups or emergency repairs.
  • We call this our Asset Preservation Service that we tailor to suit your specific, property maintenance needs.

Property Handover

  • Alzad can assist with property title transfer upon buying or selling property.
  • At handover, Alzad offers a comprehensive snagging service.
  • A team of engineers, architects, and technical inspectors will carry out an engineering-based audit.
  • Defects with accompanying images and descriptions, showing the most recent status of each fault before and after its treatment.
  • Property snagging service is available for commercial and residential spaces for as little as AED 1.50 per sq. /ft.

       *Terms and Conditions Apply*

Rent Collection

  • Never miss a collection of payment again! We’ll handle it for you on time, every time.
  • You decide on the intervals of the rent payments. Usually rent payment is in two, or four cheques over the course of the year.

 All these cheques are forward dated and given to our property management department to deposit into your account on time!

Property Snagging Service for Developers

Alzad property management has been striving to be the best in the business since its establishment in 2004. Our property snagging service extends beyond home buyers to developers. The successful delivery of a new development relies on thorough appraisal and inspection. At the point of substantial completion, a Alzad Property Snagging & Handover Inspection can guarantee that you receive your development in the best possible condition from the contractor.